We are pretty lucky here on the stunning Gold Coast to be spoilt with an array of stunning backdrops for our photography sessions – from family photoshoots, maternity photoshoots to newborn shoots. Whether you’re more of a beachy family or you love the warm tones of the fields nearby, there’s truly a photoshoot location for everyone. If you’ve been searching for family photography location inspiration or you can’t decide what would suit your new photographs best, read on for my insight into what you can choose.

Hello, sand and sunshine!

The classic Gold Coast lifestyle is long days spent enjoying the sun and sand while making the most of our beautiful tropical sunshine-filled days as a family. If you and your loved ones enjoy nothing more than spending your days off lazing in the sunshine and letting the waves wash over you then let that guide your session! Select one of our beautiful beaches as the backdrop for your session – plus, the neutral tones of the soft sand and setting sunlight make one of the most stunning backdrops for your Gold Coast photography session.

Embrace the forest vibes

If you’d rather stay in the shade because you burn easily and can’t stand sand – don’t select the beach for your Gold Coast photography location. We are so blessed to have the option of lush forest shoots here on the coast, where you can have images captured with the towering pine trees around you. From rockpools to calm and secluded forests, there’s so much variety on offer. If you love wearing deep jewel colours to compliment the trees, that’s a bonus – consider this a bonus tip for your family photography session!

Fields and all the country feels

There’s something pretty special about the warm tones of a long field of grass for you and your little ones to frolic in while the Wild River Photography team captures some amazing family photographs. It may not be something you immediately think of when you think ‘Family photos on the Gold Coast’, but you’d be surprised with the stunning local locations we could find! These natural settings also tend to be really beautiful colours, which compliment your photographs perfectly. As the sun dips toward the horizon (or hey, even peeks over – if you dare to get up that early), your family portraits come alive with these beautiful tones.

Keep it sleek and simple in the studio

Trust me when I say, I know how complicated kids can be. If you’d rather not add worrying about the weather to the list of things you need to think about on the day for your newborn photoshoot, then come along to the comfortable Wild River Photography studio where everything is taken care of for you. Whether it’s a studio maternity photoshoot or baby photos, the studio is a relaxed and easy location for you to ensure amazing results from your photographs.

Location is sorted – so what’s next?

As you’ll have seen, there’s definitely a few areas you can consider when choosing your family photoshoot location on the Gold Coast. If you’ve decided on a location but aren’t sure what to wear, click here for my best tips on choosing outfits to make the most of your session.