7 March

Understanding your newborn baby’s cry: A Game-Changer for New Parents

As a new mum wanting newborn baby photography, finding a Gold Coast photographer that understands the Dunstan baby language and specialises in newborn baby shoots can be overwhelming. I know how challenging it can be to capture the perfect shot, especially when you are a new parent and still learning your baby’s vocal cues. Babies’ […]

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17 February

Expecting a new baby on the Gold Coast?

The arrival of a newborn baby is an exciting and joyous time for families on the Gold Coast. As one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia, the Gold Coast offers a range of resources and services to support new parents and their infants. From prenatal care to postpartum support, here are some things to consider […]

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8 November

What’s the difference between posed and lifestyle baby photography?

When you’re looking for a baby photographer on the Gold Coast, you’re likely to get asked: what kind of style photos do you want? Without experience in the photography industry, you’re not likely to know the technical differences between posed and lifestyle. Knowing what type of images you want helps me decide if you’re going […]

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26 October

Gold Coast Cake Smash Baby Photography Trend That is Next-level Cute

Cake smash baby photography is the latest trend sweeping the globe and with the right Gold Coast photographer, it can be next-level cute. Gold Coast mums are regularly enquiring about cake smash photography which is practically becoming a rite of passage for babies and toddlers reaching those milestone birthdays. By turning it into a photography […]

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12 October

How to choose the best newborn photographer on the Gold Coast

How to choose the best newborn photographer on the Gold Coast can be a huge undertaking with so many to select from. Capturing those first few weeks for long-lasting memories is not one of those tasks you want to leave up to your Aunty Ethel or friends who fancy themselves as good photographers. You’ll want […]

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21 September

Is Flash Photography Safe for Newborns? Gold Coast Baby Photographer Weighs In.

Is flash photography safe for newborns? This is a question that weighs heavily on every parent’s mind. As your infant arrives kicking and screaming into the world, most parents want to capture the treasured memories as a memento of the life-changing event. Giving birth is often a very private and intimate moment, and the last […]

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30 August

What every expectant mother should read before booking a Gold Coast Newborn Photography Session

At the mention of a newborn photography session, we often think of cute-as-a-button photographs of tiny hands and feet, little babies wrapped and placed in little buckts or heart shaped bowls. While these photography sessions are designed to be cute and memoriable, would your Gold Coast newborn photographer be able to spot a baby in […]

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23 August

Best Sunset Photography Spot for Gold Coast Family Photo Session

I stumbled across the most amazing field in the northern part of the Coast Coast.  Long thick grass and stunning mountains in the background. The sun sets over the mountains with a beautiful orange glow, every photographers dream.  Over the 12 months of photographing on that field the grass has been cut and grown but […]

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3 August

Cesarean Scar Photography: Capture your C-Section Story

“My favourite scar is the scar that saved by babies life!” Cesarean scars are often hidden away, smothered with Bio Oil in the hope they’ll fade.

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1 August

6 Ways Coronavirus has changed Newborn Photography

Coronavirus has changed the way we think about most things in life—the way we greet each other, the way we conduct business, even the way we think about hygiene standards. As a result, not to mention the fact that we are dealing with pregnant mums-to-be and newborns, we’ve had to rethink the way we operator our Gold Coast photography studio. 

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