Cake smash baby photography is the latest trend sweeping the globe and with the right Gold Coast photographer, it can be next-level cute.

Gold Coast mums are regularly enquiring about cake smash photography which is practically becoming a rite of passage for babies and toddlers reaching those milestone birthdays. By turning it into a photography session, you are able to capture those moments and turn them into treasured memories. At Wild River Photography, I decided it was time to embrace the trend and add it to the list of photography services I offer. 

What is a cake smash?

Essentially, a cake smash is exactly what it sounds like. You bring a cake and let your baby looks. Baby meets cake, smashes cakes and eats it. It’s a fun photo opportunity to bring colour and laughter to a photo shoot and often, it may be baby’s first taste of sugar.

There is some debate about where the idea originated. Some sources suggest a cake smash is something invented in Australia, whereas others suggest it dates back to a Mexican tradition called La Mordida. Translated into Mexican slang, Mordida means the first bite and on birthdays, La Mordida involved shoving a cake into the birthday person’s face.

What happens at a cake smash?

Things can get a little messy, but that’s okay. It makes for some gorgeous photos. It can also depend on how enthusiastic your baby is when it comes to cake eating.

Prior to your photo shoot, once we book in a date and time, I’ll send you a questionnaire about what you want from the cake smash photography. What colours are you envisaging? What outfits do you have in mind? What colour do you want the cake to be? How old is your baby? Do you want us to provide the cake? Does your baby have allergies? Based on our initial discussion we can make some important decisions.

Being under bright lights and having a stranger with a camera can be a little intimidating for your little one unless they are a natural show-off. And even then, they might be a little hesitant to leave your side, so I’m fine with you sitting nearby. You can dance and leap about off-camera in an attempt to encourage smiles and laughter from your baby. Alternatively, siblings can be included in the photo shoot.

What does a baby wear to a cake smash photography session?

Anything you like! However, I do have a selection of neutral baby outfits to suit the classic, timeless style of my photography for the more elegantly style cake smash photo shoots. If you want your baby to be coordinated with the cake, I would recommend bringing a couple of different outfits to try. You could find a cute tutu or let your child go topless wearing nappies with a cute cover. You may also want to bring a party hat. 

Is the cake included in the price?

The cake can be included in the price if this is something you would like us to provide.  If your child has allergies or you don’t want them eating refined sugar yet, or you have something super elaborate in mind, I can recommend a cake decorator. If you want to make your own sugar-free cake, there are a lot of different recipes online suitable for cake smashes. I would recommend going for a smaller cake, something light that’s easy to smash as opposed to a dense and hard cake like your traditional chocolate mud cake.

What’s included in the photo shoot?

You’ll get a photoshoot, image progressing, image viewing and selection appointment in studio. You only page for the images you love, plus $200 credit to go towards wall art.

I recommend booking well in advance as you will need to allow time for the cake to be made and to avoid being disappointed as this is proving to be a very popular photo package.

Where is the photoshoot held?

I have a beautiful light and airy photography studio located in Coomera. This means, there’s no mess and fuss for you to clean up. 

What should you bring to the cake smash?

Aside from your baby and outfits if you have something particular in mind, you’ll need to be room-temperature cake (unless previously discussed. Please note this is an optional extra and not included in the price of the photoshoot). You may also need some wet wipes, towel and  a change of clothing for bubs after the photography session.

Other helpful items are a bottle or sippy cup if bubs needs a break from cake smashing, and some their favourite savoury snacks. Even if your baby shows no interest in the cake, you’ll have some of their favourite snacks on hand. Rubbish bags are helpful for fast and easy clean up if you have clothing covered in icing. If they are wardrobe items I have provided, I will take care of the cleanup.

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