“My favourite scar is the scar that saved by babies life!”

Cesarean scars are often hidden away, smothered with Bio Oil in the hope they’ll fade. As a Gold Coast maternity and newborn photographer, I have worked with mums who are self-conscious about their c-section scars. Ladies, as a mum with a c-section scar myself, it’s time to put your insecurities behind you. Your body is beautiful just the way it is! I don’t want to use photo editing story to blur and smudge out your scar. I believe each scar tells a unique story. And your C-section story deserves to be celebrated.

Forget the stigma and uneducated comments of those who think C-sections are an “easy-out”—looked down upon as being an inferior way to give birth. You are not a failure because you underwent a C-section. Nor should you feel guilty or ashamed. And as for those women who say things like, “You’re not a real woman if you haven’t given birth vaginally!”, do you really need them in your life? It doesn’t matter which way your baby comes into this world, it’s special! Just remember, for every woman who is unhappy with her cesarean scars, there’s another who wishes she had them! 

It wasn’t until earlier this year that Sports Illustrated featured their very first photo shoot where model Kelly Hughes showed off her c-section scar, making global history. “I struggled with insecurities from my scar being that I’m a model and my incredibly difficult recovery, but it wasn’t until I “embraced my scar that I experienced the true power in it,“ Hughes wrote on her Instagram account alongside a bikini-clad photo of herself. 

I believe it’s time we changed the narrative around c-sections. They shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, no matter what the circumstances. A cesarean birth doesn’t make you any less of a mother. For those of you with scars, it’s time to stand up and be proud. These are your battle scars. And what better way to capture the sacrifice you’ve made to bring new life into the world than by booking in a cesarean scar photography session. Celebrate your postpartum body.

What happens during a Cesarean scar photography session?

My cesarean scar photography sessions are held in my beautiful little studio in Coomera on the Northern Gold Coast. It’s very private, quiet and filled with lots of lovely natural light. I want you to fill comfortable at every stage of the photoshoot. We will capture your c-section story through a series of photographs. Feel free to bring a change of clothing and of course your new bundle of joy.

What should I wear for my c-section scar photography session?

You’ll want to wear something that you can easily show off your scar. Perhaps a sheer kimono or sleep robe that effortlessly drapes over your body and can be easily manouvered to show off your scar? A bikini with a low-rider bottom? You may be more comfortable in loose and baggy track pants where you can slip the waist band down without removing them, or a super comfy pair of postpartum recovery leggings. If your c-section scar is healing, and you’re comfortable wearing trousers or jeans, you can show off your scar by leaving the zipper undone.

You can help reduce the stigma around c-section scars by telling your story through photos. If you want to know more about cesarean scar photography, we can chat when you book your session. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. LET’S CHAT