Although Wild River Photography offers a wide range of shoots to document your story, from family photography sessions to newborn lifestyle shoots, at the moment I am seeing a huge appreciation from my clients for studio maternity photoshoots. To be honest, I completely understand this growing demand – there is nothing more empowering than celebrating this special time in your life and showing off your bump!

Embracing the changes in your incredible body while you grow new life is a fleeting opportunity, but one that my beautiful clients always appreciate. Not everyone naturally feels confident and glowing during this time.That’s why I’m here! I use a whole range of techniques that I have developed over years to help you embrace your curves, use lighting to naturally flatter you and to make you feel comfortable and beautiful (if you’re curious about the different kinds of lighting, check out my blog post

). I provide gentle and helpful guidance on posing, to make sure that when you receive your photographs you’ll be blown away by the strong, confident and radiant mother on the other side of the lens.

Another major benefit of our Wild River Photography studio is the comfortable space, where the complete privacy means that you don’t need to worry about anyone else during the shoot. Apart from being comfortable and inviting, there are also a range of different backdrops and sets that you can choose from to ensure the shoot reflects you and your personal tastes.Of course, if you prefer an on-location shoot that is also a great option considering the many stunning natural locations that are in the local area. I do have a few favourite locations that always make for stunning images, so if that’s something you are interested in then please feel free to ask.

If there’s one of the main questions I get asked by maternity photoshoot clients about, it’s what to wear to your shoot. You are, of course, more than welcome to wear something that you already own and that you feel comfortable in – whatever that is to you. However, for those that are unsure about what you should wear, I offer a wide range of internationally sourced dresses for you to choose from that perfectly flatter curves and photograph beautifully.

Whether you choose to soak up this time solo and come to your shoot alone, or you bring your partner or children, this is your story and one I am honoured to capture. It’s completely your choice who you choose to include in your maternity photoshoot, as this is all about feeling confident and empowered at such a special time in your life!

Hopefully this post has answered some of the main queries that you might have about our Gold Coast maternity sessions, but please feel free to get in touch if there’s anything else you would like to ask. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see you glowing and radiant in a self-love-inspiring maternity photoshoot soon!