At the mention of a newborn photography session, we often think of cute-as-a-button photographs of tiny hands and feet, little babies wrapped and placed in little buckts or heart shaped bowls. While these photography sessions are designed to be cute and memoriable, would your Gold Coast newborn photographer be able to spot a baby in medical distress or know how to react in an emergency?

If you only read one article from Wild River Photography this year, this should be the one every new parent needs to read prior to booking a photography session with their new bubs. 

Your baby’s safety is Devina Wright’s only priority

Not all newborn photographers are created equal due to the fact the photography is unregulated. There are no laws dictating any prerequisites when it comes to dealing with your photography subjects. Currently, photographers are not required to have:

  • First Aid/CPR Training 
  • A working with children check 
  • Immunisation/Vaccinations  
  • Education on the associated risks of working with infants.

This makes it incredibly important to check when booking your Gold Coast photographer that they have taken the initiative to take on continued professional development, such as being certified through the Academy of Newborn Photography.

Make sure before you pay a deposit, that your photographer is certified through the Academy of Newborn Photography and holds valid First Aid and CPR training. At Wild River Photography, Devina Wright has undergone all the necessary training and knows the ins and out of working with infants. She would never do anything to put your baby at risk, but in the case of an emergency, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that she has the training to be able to assess any situation and help respond, calmly and responsibly. 

As a mum, Devina is attuned to working with newborns. There’s nothing more she loves than the smell of fresh baby skin and having cuddles. She has the ability to read the signs when bubs is restless and hungry, to being able to make them comfortable enough to fall asleep mid-pose.

The best age for a newborn photography session is usually from Day 7 through to Day 15. This allows Devina the opportunity to capture all those initial first newborn poses, where they’re still very sleepy and squishy faced. However, each developmental stage is just as important as the first three weeks. Some parents like to book sessions to document each monthly milestone until they reach their first birthday.

What happens during a newborn photography shoot?

The best newborn photography is carried out with a lot of patience, creativity for composition and newborn safety training. Where Devina is carrying out a shoot in her Coomera-based studio or outdoors, she likes to involve the parents. For instance, in photo shoots that require your bubs to be delicately balanced in a bucket or posed on the beanbag, she will organise the safest pose position and then ask a parent to hold the baby in the position as she assesses the lighting and angles.

There’s no need to worry about extra hands appearing in the final photos, because that’s where the magic of photo editing software comes into play. Please note that Devina is fully vaccinated and only ever has one baby in the studio each day, so between photography sessions the studio is spotless to stringent hygiene standards. 

The prerequisites parents need to look for when choosing a Gold Coast newborn photographer

Cheap doesn’t always mean better or safest. It’s important not to choose a newborn photographer solely based on the style of their photographs or the price. Many photographers can take pretty pictures of your baby, but do they have the necessary skill set to react in an emergency situation? There are a number of factors to take into consideration.

COVID protocols in place

Firstly, due to the number of viruses and the global pandemic, choose a Gold Coast photographer that is not only vaccinated, but is able to work socially distanced if that’s your preference and high standards of hygiene in the studio.

Certified by the Academy of Newborn Photography

Senior First Aid and CPR is a mandatory component of this course. You can check certifications on their official website. Search Devina Wright or Wild River Photography by clicking here to check the certification.

A Mum

Someone that’s used to being around and handling babies, and also understands the anxiety that comes with letting strangers hold and touch your precious bundle of joy. Devina is great with babies of all ages and has tips and tricks to get the best photos, so you can capture those early years.

A photographer with proven experience

Children, they grow up so quick and especially in those early days they change so fast and in front of your eyes. Choosing a Gold Coast photographer with proven experience in the newborn field will ensure those memories are captured forever. By using someone who is simply starting out in photography, you’re putting yourself at risk to mishaps—over edited, missing poses, not being able to settle bubs for certain poses. Not only does Devina know how to get the lighting, angles and composition right, she’s a whiz with photo editing software. 

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