Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap and booked in a family photography session. Trust me, this is something you’re going to be so grateful for in years to come. As the day approaches, it’s worth thinking about what you and your family will wear to ensure you get the best results from our time together. Or, perhaps you’ve booked in a maternity photography session – either way, have a read of my quick guide to picking your outfit.

Take inspiration from your natural surroundings

We are so blessed here on the Gold Coast to be surrounded by natural settings for family photography, newborn photography and maternity photo sessions. With this in mind, consider your photo shoot location when choosing the clothes that you will wear to the session. Natural tones reflecting the colours and textures that we find outdoors are generally a great bet – I’m not saying that you need to be clad exclusively in beige linen, but it’s worthwhile to tone down the colours a little bit so that you’re complemented by your surroundings. Think soft tones and complimentary hues when you’re planning your outfits for your Gold Coast photography session.

Embrace your family’s quirks

Is your little one at that stage where they are obsessed with a particular outfit? If it’s something overly floral or bright, but they look super cute in it – sometimes it can be worth it to let them wear what they like! You may not opt to do this if the images are for a one-off and super special occasion, but your family photography session with Wild River Photography is a chance to document this age of your child or children and the quirks that came with it. What’s better to look back on and make you laugh than that one outfit they refused to take off, even to go to bed?!

There’s no need for a uniform

All white, matching outfits: it’s the classic family photo look, but let’s be honest – if you’re on the Wild River Photography page looking for outfit tips for your family portraits, you’ll know my family photography sessions don’t roll that way. There’s no need to wear matching outfits on the day, although I usually recommend wearing colours that complement each other. Think of your outfits as a colour palette as opposed to a uniform – plus, this makes planning easier!

Ditch logos, flouro and crazy patterns

There’s definitely a time and a place for a super-bright pattern, but that time may not be your family photography session. As the photographs will be treasured for years to come, it’s important that you look (and as a result, feel) your best. Some bright colours – and

particularly, fluoro colours – can reflect onto your face in photographs, which is why I recommend keeping colours muted. Meanwhile, logos can tend to take the limelight away from the focus of the photographs – your family!

Comfort is key

You will have seen from the Wild River Photography work on our website that we love to capture the moments of genuine joy and connection in your family photography session. This goes hand-in-hand with the relaxed lifestyle that is reflected in our Gold Coast photography sessions, from family portraits to baby photography sessions. This means you need to feel comfortable! Dress your family in outfits that allow you to move and play, chase after your adorable toddler and enjoy the time we spend capturing those memories.

For more ideas on what to wear i’ve put together a folder in my Pinterest account. Check it out here PINTEREST

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