As I do so many maternity photoshoots, newborn photography sessions and family photography sessions I am lucky enough to follow along with the journeys of my clients and to see their different seasons as a family. This means I am often lucky enough to see my clients’ families grow over time, too! One of the most common concerns of parents is how to introduce their child to a new bub joining the family. Here are a few hints for those navigating this path!

Talk about the new sibling before they are born

You might not have welcomed your new addition earth-side yet, but you can still introduce your child to baby beforehand! Explain that their new sibling is coming and that they can talk to the bump before they arrive – about whatever they like! This can help them to form a connection with the baby and grow more comfortable before their arrival.

Explain what it will be like when baby arrives

Even though it’s hard for your kiddies to imagine the arrival of a new addition to your home, it’s important that you explain to the what it will be like when baby comes home. Explain that mostly the baby will be sleeping and eating, but that when the baby gets older they will be able to play together. It can also be helpful to read your child books about the new baby arriving that can help them to understand what changes might happen.

Make changes before the baby comes home, not after

When you welcome a new addition to your family, this can often require changes like moving rooms to allow it to be more comfortable. Make sure you do this ahead of time, so that your child has a chance to get used to the different setup before another big change – in the form of a little sibling – is introduced. This can make the adjustment easier and far less stressful for the whole family.

Make the older child feel special

It is an overwhelming time for any little one when their new sibling comes home – plus the fact that everyone is there to visit the new baby, it can make your older child feel a little bit jealous if we aren’t careful. A lovely idea for ensuring that the arrival of their new brother or sister is a positive experience can be giving your older child a special present, either from you or the new baby, to make them know that they are still very loved! We welcome older siblings to join newborn photoshoots and this can make them feel very special in the story of the new baby’s life.

Abandon your expectations

It isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows, as they say, but all we can say is leave your expectations at the door. Every child is different and it may take time for them to get used to their new sibling – and that’s more than okay too!

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