If you’ve stumbled across this blog through Wild River Photography, it’s likely you’ve already realised something – I adore using natural light in photography. However, no matter whether you’re seeking a Gold Coast family photography session, a maternity photography session or a newborn photography session, the quality of the images comes down to the photographer’s knowledge of how to use the light, rather than where it comes from.

The ideal timing

If you’re looking into a family or maternity photography session, it’s likely you’ve realized something: most photography sessions are held at sunrise, or at sunset. This is because at these times of day the light is at its softest and most flattering – this is why it’s called ‘golden hour’! Everything is bathed in golden natural light, creating the perfect timing for your family photoshoot or maternity photography session.

Sunset family session on the Gold Coast
Gold Coast family photographer Wild River Photography

Making the most of any conditions

It’s no secret that the weather doesn’t always play along, and we can’t always guarantee that our families are free at sunrise (yikes) or sunset for their family photography sessions. This means I need to be confident in working with the conditions that we have – such as bouncing the soft light if the day is cloudy or diffusing any harsh midday rays – so that the light in your images is still super flattering and creates a gorgeous end result

Sunset family session on the Gold Coast
Gold Coast family photographer Wild River Photography

Finding light indoors

Some of my clients prefer to hold their family or newborn photography session at home, meaning that they get to feel comfortable in their space (particularly if the weather isn’t cooperating on the day)! The main thing we need to ensure is that there is enough natural light coming through doors or windows, that I can use to light up the room and tell your story. This means a beautiful photography session that tells the story of your family.

Natural light studio sessions

For my popular Gold Coast studio newborn photography sessions, often natural light is all we need to create some magic in the studio. We often use natural backdrops combined with soft natural light to perfectly illuminate your little angel’s features. It creates a truly special result to see them relaxed in the frame, curled up in the soft sunshine.

Thinking about choosing a natural outdoor location for your shoot? Be sure to read my post dedicated to my list of top Gold Coast family photography locations and maternity photography locations.

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