If you’re browsing the Wild River Photography website or Instagram looking for photoshoot inspiration – whether it be for your Gold Coast family photography session, Gold Coast newborn photography session or even your maternity photography session – you may have also seen that I am lucky enough to have a beautiful studio available to use.

Newborn studio sessions

Although I am always happy to hold your newborn photography session outdoors if you feel comfortable doing so, there’s a reason the Wild River Photography newborn studio photography sessions are so popular on the Gold Coast. It’s the perfect setting for your little one to be warm, safe and comfortable. My studio is clean, covid safe and has a welcoming atmosphere so that the photos are relaxed and beautiful.

Ensuring perfect conditions for your photoshoot

We all have busy lives and many things going on day-to-day, meaning that it’s not possible to block out multiple days for a photo shoot to wait for perfect conditions. This means that artificial light, like a flash or a studio lighting set-up, can be the perfect solution to ensure beautiful images no matter the weather.

At home sessions

While I understand the appeal of telling your family’s story through your family photography session, I also don’t expect you to live in a perfectly lit home! My years behind the lens have given me skills to master artificial light sources, meaning that by using lamps we can ensure that in dimly lit spaces we make the most of the session time together and capture some warm, atmospheric images that tell the story of your family.

My studio lighting style

From viewing the Wild River Photography gallery, you’ll have seen that my style is definitely more natural, as opposed to the overly staged glamour shots of yesteryear. This is because with the right equipment and knowledge, a talented photographer can still produce the mood, character and ambience in the studio with incandescent and artificial lighting. In fact, being in complete control of the lighting allows the photographer a creative scope that puts them in the driver’s seat to produce stunning emotional depth in an image.

Ensuring your shoot reflects you!

The beauty of a studio shoot, particularly a studio newborn shoot, is that we have a variety of backdrops and props to ensure that you walk away with some truly stunning images, which reflect you and your family. We love to use neutrals, natural backdrops and textures to ensure the images of your brand-new bundle of joy are timeless and treasured for years to come.

Ready to book in your newborn session, contact me today, let’s have a chat.