If you’re an expecting parent, you know what it’s like – one of the most asked questions to you will be “Do you know what you’re having, a boy or girl? Have you got any names picked out?!”. Parents, we feel you. With my career as a Gold Coast newborn photographer and doing multiple family photography sessions each week, I come across such a wide range of names. We thought it would be fun to delve into the coast’s most popular baby names – hopefully I can help!

Isla: This is such a sweet and delicate name, which has been growing in popularity over recent years. It came in first in the most recent list of baby names, and I can’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Charlotte: A traditional classic that has come back into fashion for a reason, Charlotte was close behind Isla. It’s cute when shortened to Charlie too.

Olivia: Another resurgence of a much-loved classic! Olivia is both beautiful and classy, which is what my clients who end up choosing it love.

Luna: It’s a little bit quirky and a whole lot of cute, but the lovely Luna has been slowly creeping up top name lists in recent years and is loved on the Gold Coast, with mums and dads that aren’t afraid to choose something a little bit different.

Harper: This is such a great combination of a name that’s beautiful, understated and cool at the same time. I have been meeting a few little Harpers lately and can see why it is a popular choice.

Noah: This was the winner of the boy’s list and has come a long way from just being a biblical-inspired name. Many parents choose to add their own spin to the classic name with variations on spelling, which is so nice also.

Oliver: You can sense the theme with these top names now, can’t you?! There are lovely classics that are making a reappearance, and for good reason. Another top contender is the much-loved Oliver.

Leo: The perfect mix of fierce and sweet for your little lion, Leo has been slowly and steadily climbing the name charts of late.

Mason: The name Mason was originally popular over in the states, but in my Gold Coast family photography sessions (and newborn photoshoots, of course) I have definitely been meeting a few little Masons.

Archie: The traditional name Archibald has now been reimagined into the cute version Archie, as we all know has been popularised by one familiar royal. Regardless of the royal connection, the name is an adorable choice in its own right.

If this list has helped you, I am so glad! No matter their name, nothing brings me more joy than capturing your little bundle of love when they are born (and mamas, I do Gold Coast maternity photography too!). If you’d like to learn more about the differences between my studio light photography and natural light photography, head here to read my insight. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, send us and email – I’d love to assist.

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