If there’s one of the main questions I get chatting to my maternity photoshoot clients about, it is what to pack when they head to hospital for the arrival of their newborn. As a mother myself, I have personally experienced the dilemma of what to pack! Here’s the official Wild River Photography list of must-haves – whether you’re the kind of person that carefully plans or the one that hastily throws together a bunch of things before you head to the hospital. This list also goes for the mamas who are home birthing – make sure you have these items on hand so that you have no need to leave the newborn bubble for the first few days!

Beautiful twin newborn photogaphy shoot in my coomera studio

Comfort is key

Make sure you throw in your most comfortable clothes for this time, including loose-fitting pants and t-shirts or singlets that are breastfeeding friendly along with a supportive maternity bra. You will also want your comfiest pyjamas, some socks and plenty of underwear. Plus, a dressing gown can be good for throwing on too.

Breastfeeding savers

As you settle into your breastfeeding journey with your little one, it can be a lifesaver to have nipple cream, breast pads and nipple icepacks. These can help to relieve any soreness and make things more comfortable for you.

Must-have music

Include a small speaker or headphones for your birth, ready to team with your birth playlist or any meditation music that you’ve prepared for the day.

Things to feel like home

Bring along your own pillow and an extra-fluffy towel for some reminders of home. Along with the standard essentials like deodorant, a hairbrush, facewipes and dry shampoo, make sure you bring along your own shampoo, conditioner and body wash so that you can soak up a tiny bit of extra luxury.

Little practicalities

A few things that you may not have thought of are earplugs to block out the loud hospital noises and to allow you to get some rest, a drink bottle for keeping hydrated, a laundry bag for your dirty clothes, and – of course – plenty of snacks and drinks.

Stay stress-free

The main piece of advice I have is to not overthink forgetting things on the list. Try to relax and go with the flow, as this is just a guide and everyone is different! As we do so many newborn sessions and family photography sessions, we truly get to see that everyone and every family is different, you just have to do what works for you.

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