If only you could bottle those first precious moments with your newborn baby and treasure them forever… Those first few weeks are overwhelming especially when you’re a first-time mum, they’re likely to pass in a haze. Even though you promise yourself, you’re going to remember each every single moment, there’s nothing like newborn photography to capture those early days with a new baby. Coomera-based Newborn Photographer, Devina Wright has years of experience in working with new mums and bubs. She reveals the best times to take newborn photos and why.

Prior to giving birth, most first-time mums decide they want to capture the entire birthing experience. Let’s be honest, when you’re in the midst of giving birth, the last thing you want is a the lens of a camera shoved in your face. There’s so many unknowns about giving birth, and if there are unexpected complications, you’re not going to want a professional photographer angling to get the perfect shot. Legs akimbo in stirrups isn’t Instagrammable, so I highly recommend days 7 to 15 is still perfectly fine to book your newborn photographer. Coomera Waters is home to our beautiful studio, so if you’re living in Brisbane or Gold Coast you won’t have too far to travel.

Why is between seven to ten days the best time to take your newborn photos?

Giving birth is a life-changing experience. Even if your labour went relatively smoothly and this is baby number four, you’re going to need a couple of days to adjust to juggling life with a newborn. From experience, during the first week you’re really not feeling 100% yourself and it simply gives you a buffer time to get into the swing of life with a baby. Days 7 to 15, you’re starting to get into a routine, while you’re newborn still has all that cute newborn squishiness—the tiny little hands and fingernails, chubby little cheeks.

Another reason 7 to 15 days is the best time to book your newborn photography session is because during weeks 2 and 3 your baby is still going to be sleeping alot and naturally assumes the fetal position. It’s much easier to capture the essence of those early days of life. It’s a good age to capture the bond between mums and bubs (Dads and siblings are welcome too), because new babies are good snugglers and the results are stunning memories you’ll treasure for life.

Remember the 15 day cut off is not a rule, as much as a suggestion, your can organise your baby’s first photography session whenever you’re comfortable. However, keep in mind babies grow fast. The older they are, the more they will move around making it harder to get those sleepy poses with props. They also start to become more aware of what’s going on around them.

When should I book my newborn photographer?

It’s a good idea to pencil in a date prior to giving birth because one baby arrives life gets a little bit hectic plus I do book out months in advance However, if you’ve given birth, we can confirm a date and time.

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